Sunday, October 26, 2014

September 27, 2014 - Transfers and Mission Conference

Ola Pessoal!!

This week was crazy!!  

Sunday!  Transfers were announced and I was the first to know about it all!  I felt pretty special, haha but it was really good!  With both of the Assistants to the President going back home, President Cabral had to call new ones and he ended up calling four which was a a big surprise!  
 To announce the transfers, I go to the mission home and call all the mission leaders from there.  The best part of all was that Kimberly (President's daughter) was making a snack for everyone there.  It smelled super ridiculously good, but I couldn't figure out what it was when I first got there.  I passed the whole transfer still smelling and salivating because it smelled so stinkin' good!!  When I left the office part of the house, I walked into the kitchen and there it was........Cinnamon Rolls!!!  I nearly cried I was so happy!  I wanted to give her a hug, but I just gave her a good firm hand shake instead hahahah. When we all sat at the table to eat, I don't think I have been that trunky about home in a long time!  It was like Grandma Hancey's cinnamon rolls (they weren't at the same level), but after a year of not tasting or smelling anything with cinnamon and sugar, it might as well have been sent from HEAVEN!!

Monday!  My best friends left to go home from the mission!  It was so busy because of the transfers that I didn't get to take a picture with them, but I did get to say goodbye!  I called Elder Parrella's mom to pick up some information for him and I think we talked for like 5 minutes about Parrella then she asked me when I finish my mission. I told her I have a year left and then she said, "Alright, in a year and a month you are gonna come to our house to stay for a little bit!!"  It was cool.  I told Parrella and then he said, "Well, my mom said it so you have to make it happen." hahaha  
Tuesday!  The new missionaries came and I am in charge of them hahaha (kind of). When they come, I make a power point of the trainers and the newbies!! 

After, the new assistants and I were still there and none of us had eaten yet so Sister Cabral told us we could eat there.  

It was great, but the rest of the day was super stressful getting ready for the mission conference.  I was at the office printing and putting packets together for President that he asked for that night  until probably 12 at night. It was long.

Wednesday!  Conference Really Good.  Rocked a Pink skinny tie to the best of my abilities!!!   President talked about dating on the mission and how we have some missionaries that still don't understand this concept, so we took a good solid chewing out.  

Thursday!  Normal of work except I couldn't get authenticated copies of passports done for some Americans for the association and I payed for it.  I got a call from São Paulo how I need to do a lot better on that stuff so I learned my lesson on that.

Friday!  Zone meeting!  As a zone we are going to try to focus a lot on getting the estudos (studies) for Sister Cabral done in this transfer so we won't get so far behind!  Did a lot of stuff for the assistants.

Saturday! Today.  Its raining and its pouring, but I'm doing well over all.

Love you Guys

Elder Chase Thurgood!!

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