Tuesday, July 1, 2014

March 17, 2014 - 6 months Today!

You´re darn right it's 6 months today!!!!  Its crazy how it seems to go by so fast, but at the same time feels so long ago! 
Yeah I had kind of the same feelings you did of you guys being on a family vacation and me here. McKaylee sent me pictures of you guys and it made me want to be there, but it's all good in the sketchy neighborhood in Brazil. 
This week has been decent; our area is super big and so we split up the area, but we have a really experienced elder (the Zone Leader) in our area too. When we first divided, we got the area that was farther away, but then we started talking about the new branch and he kind of took the lead so now we are basically starting over.  At first I was a little frustrated, but then I realized that there will be just as many opportunities on the other half of the area. It just depends on what we do with what we are given.  
We have a new investigator this week that is super cool.  His name is Tiago, (James in Portuguese). He is a friend of a member and came to one of our activities. He liked it so we were able to talk with him yesterday about the first vision and he thought it was super cool.  He said he felt something different that he had never before felt. We explained that it was the spirit testifying of truth.  Then we asked, "How can we  know with out a doubt?" He said pray and so we invited him to pray about Joseph Smith and the first vision. He was super excited about it and I hope he actually does it.

A scripture that I read yesterday that I really liked a lot is Mosiah 24:12. It just doesn't say, they prayed to the lord. It says they poured out their hearts to the lord.  What do you think the difference could be if we prayed with this kind of intensity.  I have been really trying to have more of a conversation with God so I can have the kind of relationship that He can know that if He sends me a prompting or if He needs me to do something, He can count on me to get it done!

I finally got to walk in an area that was paved road all the time.  My pants and shoes got covered in mud, but I felt more like a Brazilian missionary. 
I washed my suits for the first time on the mission. It cost 54 reais, 26ish dollars that I used on the card.

I've been doing good lately.
One thing, because I'm a missionary, I want you guys to really try to think about on the trip is who you could send the missionaries in the ward to visit.  I know you're thinking, PANIC MEDAY MEDAY, but with the help of the Savior you can do anything that you want!
Love you guys

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