Friday, May 2, 2014

December 30, 2013 - Happy New Year

Surprisingly, homesickness is better. It was hard saying good bye, but it gave me a ton of strength and I worked harder than I ever have this past week!  It was crazy because I wasn’t getting tired or sore and Portuguese was flowing good! We found some new people and I think they will get baptized. They have some problems that need help, but it’s not worthiness issues, it’s more technical stuff now!!  

About the clothing & sending stuff just go for it, music anything that’s in a animated movie is fine, so if you like it, just put it on because I will most likely like it too!  Tell the family thanks for the money for the Ipod. It will be really nice to get it and listen to music.  I also can listen to Piano Guys and Lindsey Sterling.

I got so excited talking to you guys I forgot to tell you what happened at our conference on Christmas!  Basically President Cabral is one with the spirit!  At the end of the doctrine part of the conference, he wanted everyone to sing “I Know My Redeemer Lives”, but the part that was so cool but nuts at the same time was that he said he knew who would say the closing prayer, but he wouldn’t tell us.  He said during the song the spirit will be very strong because of the hymn and that we would have to recognize whether or not the spirit was telling us to give the prayer.  The person who is touched by the spirit will come to the pulpit and offer the closing prayer. If it is not the person who I already know it is then I will ask them to sit back down, and we will wait until the correct person comes up!  It was so crazy because I was feeling the spirit a lot and had a feeling to go up, but just as the song ended I didn’t feel it quite as intensely and out of the corner of my eye an elder was walking to the pulpit and offered the prayer without even taking a glimpse at president. It was super cool!   We found new ways to find people this past week after Christmas and it seems to be working so far, but we still need to continue in the work!

Love you, Dad. You are my hero.

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