Friday, May 2, 2014

December 23, 2013 - Brazil's Summer has Officially Started

The first official day of summer started yesterday haha.  The seasons are the exact opposite of the states!!   

We have been trying to bring back several less active members to church and they have actually been coming back so that’s been awesome because it feels like they are investigators hah.  Our first one is in his 50s and is very cool. When we went to go talk to him, he wasn’t there but his dad was. He wasn’t a member so we asked if we could leave a message with him and he said okay. You have to understand though that his dad is getting up there in age. He has trouble hearing and sometimes he is just out of it, but a soul is still a soul to Heavenly Father. The funny part was that we were talking about baptism and asked if he would get baptized and he asked how.  So we showed him the picture of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ and said exactly like Jesus Christ by immersion.  He then asked if the water was hot or cold.  We said whatever you want, then he said, “Hot because I won’t get baptized if its cold.” hahah I didn’t laugh super loud,  but I chuckled a little.  He also asked about how high the water was because it was super high on Jesus and he thought he might drown if it was that high. We told him it would be at his waist line and then he was okay with it!  So our goal is to bring the less active son so that he will bring his dad! 

The other less active man is also pretty cool. We were talking with our ward missionary about him and you won’t believe this because I didn’t either. When Walter was baptized 5 or 6 years ago he had a fear of the water or something, but he literally wore goggles when he was getting baptized - the kind with the nose piece.  I was just in shock when I found out. 

One of our old investigators has been doing good.  He is living with his girlfriend right now and that’s our problem.  He really likes the members here and so does his girlfriend, but they don’t want to get married until this next upcoming year.  I really hope they get baptized!

We still haven’t had a ton of work and it turns out the end of the year is the worst and best time of the year for missionaries: best because we get to talk to family, but worst because the work is bad for the entire mission!  But it’s been good here!

Other things that I found out this week is that if you look up the picture of Alma baptizing, on the far left side the man standing their looks a lot like Chuck Norris.

We had our Christmas dinner in the ward this week and it was so good!!!  We had a churrascão!  It was kind of like Rodizio, but they didn’t have all of those meats, just some.   We decided to fast the night before to prepare for it. I ate so much.

I can’t believe Brookie is getting married!


In sacrament meeting, the institute director spoke about faith.  He said as members we need more than just faith.  Everyone in the world has some form of faith, but we as latter day saints need faith that goes and does!  I just thought it was really profound and liked it a lot.

Another part is about the Spirit of Christmas.  We always talk about how the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ, but if you break it down one step further what is the spirit of Christ?  It’s in Moroni 7 -charity.  The Spirit of Charity is the ability to love and serve with compassion and I had never thought of that before, but it is so true.  

Love you guys and I think right now the day to Skype is the 25th or 26th, but almost all of our members are leaving so we need to find a spot for certain, but I will have a member email you and let you know for sure today or tomorrow!

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