Friday, May 2, 2014

Janurary 13, 2014 - Emeregency Transfer

Hello minha querida familia!!

These past weeks have been super busy and have had lots of changes for me.  I’m sorry I didn’t email you guys last week. I was going to the computer house when we had to go pick up another elder. Then they only had 2 computers for 3 people, so I got dapped up big time. You could say I was a little upset and sad that I didn’t even get to read any of your emails!

For the biggest news, my companion and I got emergency transferred this week on Tuesday!  The area that we’re in is not quite as safe as Ponta da Praia and I honestly was a little nervous coming, but it’s turned out to be really good so far.  The ward here has been sharing a building in Sao Vicente for 2 years waiting for their church to be built and because it’s such a long ways away, there hasn’t been missionaries in their ward for at least 9 months maybe even a year. So when we showed up in Sacrament meeting after getting lost, all we saw were smiles on the members’ faces! They are dedicating the church in 2 weeks!

The sad part about all this is that the blessings and success came a few days before the emergency transfer. We found a total of 10 people through referrals and contacts that literally are amazing.  One family in particular was super cool. We originally went there to find a young man’s friend and talk to him, but he wasn’t there so we talked to his mom who turned out to be someone who wanted more peace in her life.  She accepted all of our challenges and all of the things we asked her to do.  She reads the Book of Mormon all the time. She brings it to work and when she has some down time, she reads the Book of Mormon! Like can you say called of God!! In another lesson, we talked about the Word of Wisdom. They don’t have huge problems, but they do drink coffee and the dad smokes and drinks. What was amazing is we asked them if they truly had a desire to stop and do the things the Lord wanted them to do. They said yes so we asked them to gather everything they had that was against the word of wisdom and put it on the table.  They did and then we asked if we could take it out of their house and throw it away for them, so they wouldn’t have the temptation.  They gladly accepted and said please throw it as far away as you can!  Ah they’re great. 

I ended up staying a little longer in Ponta da Praia because we thought that they would be able to get baptized this past Saturday or Sunday.  Unfortunately, during the baptismal interview we found out that they weren’t actually married. They just wore rings to show their commitment. So the baptisms didn’t happen yesterday, but we asked them to pray to Heavenly Father about getting married because He won’t lead you astray.  It was pretty difficult to say the least that we finally had some success in the area and the members were taking us to their friends’ houses almost daily and then we are transferred.  Obviously there is a reason for this and I think that there is someone waiting for me here.

I have lost a little bit of weight but nothing serious.  I have never been so hot in my life. Santos is like a freaking oven on earth.  We hit 49 degrees Celsius which is almost 120 but then factor in humidity. Sleeping isn’t a blessing because even at night its 80-90 degrees outside.  New Year’s was the only day that I slept haha.  I slept from 10:30 to 2 right when the rest of the elders were going to sleep.  They go crazy here for fireworks; my companion filmed it.  I have a feeling that I might train or have a new companion next week, but we won’t know till Sunday night.  

I got the Christmas package; I really liked all the sour stuff. It was gone in an hour after I opened it.  The tie was way cool and my companion loved his stuff, too.  I think I have worn the socks a couple times now hahah.

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