Monday, June 16, 2014

February 10, 2014 - Hot Weather, but the work goes on

I got my birthday package and am wearing the socks now as I’m writing emails.  Thanks for all of it.  I’m sorry about not taking more pictures, but walking around with a camera isn’t the best idea because if we get robbed, bye bye camera haha.   I will try harder to take more photos.  

 This heat here is pretty bad, but I’m starting to get used to always being covered in sweat.  I got a bad case of the runs Saturday and Sunday. I think it’s because I found out how to make limeade which is super cheap and I probably had like at least a gallon. Then I ate these honey bread things the members gave us, but the mix didn’t work for my body.  

Besides that the week was pretty calm. I went to the slum this week twice and I saw lots of guns hahah. I was praying pretty good during that hour and a half.

I had a zone conference which was really good. We talked about the character of Christ and it was really cool.  Dad, did your mission president teach you a lot about deep doctrine on your mission?  I have learned a lot from him already, but I bet you know a lot. He’s told us some pretty cool things of the scriptures that makes total sense now.  We definitely will have a day talking about that stuff when I get back,  because I know you know. hahah

I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do and I have narrowed it down little by little. I either want to work with special needs kids at a school and coach a sport or I want to work with physical therapy stuff, but I still have some time hahah.  

The area is still really good we just have some little things with the investigators that have to happen before we can baptize them. It’s been over 105 every single day this month and the last week in January - super duper hot! The success we have right now is bringing back less actives and inactives who have been waiting for the new chapel to be built which is very cool!

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