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January 27, 2014 - Baptism!

January 27, 2013

Well parental units, I call mom and dad, I had my first baptism this week where I actually baptized.  And oh, what a relief it was. I felt like a burden had been lifted off my back. It was ridiculous!  If you haven’t looked at the picture yet, I’m in all white......I got my first baptism this week and our ward in total with the other missionaries had 2!

It’s been pretty crazy here for me because we had an open house for 3 days then a cultural show with dancing and singing and then our church house was dedicated Saturday night.  Then I had to give a 15 minute talk in Portuguese which meant I gave the first talk in the new church house so I’m legendary now.

The people here are simply amazing .  All of the missionaries here call it, areia branca disney world because of the magic that's happening. We have had about 7 to 8 people come up to us and say I want to be baptized, can we go now?  The first time it happened I was like excuse me, can we go now? Am I dreaming? haha but its freaking sweet here!  One of the sister missionaries in my ward is exactly like Mom and McKaylee combined.  She laughs at my jokes and then she said i was being stupid and asked if I wanted a coming to Jesus meeting. I just started laughing because that’s what mom says!

I don't know if you can put it in the box, but I really would like a small English hymnal. I know all of the ones in Portuguese, but everyone keeps asking me the ones in English and I have no idea!  Oh and also President Cabral said that when he sends things to his son in Tennesse he puts on top ‘missionary supplies’ when you have to say what it is because in the mission we have had several missionaries have to pay 400 reais or 200 dollars to receive their packages.

More cool stories:  I went to the favela and saw lots of guns and prayed my heart out while walking! 
I gave a blessing to a son of a member who has meningitis. I had to wear a mask before we entered the room. It was really cool.  Right after, the son had enough strength to take a shower by himself. Priesthood power...that stuff is real!

A new motto our district in the ward has taken is the 4 s´s; sem sacrificio sem successo (without sacrifice you are without success).  I think also the fact that we are having success is because of fasting.  I am fasting once a week right now to make sure the blessings of the Lord are coming to this area.   

I am doing well in general. A baptizing missionary is a happy missionary.

Thank you for your prayers they don’t go to waste.

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