Friday, November 21, 2014

November 15, 2014 - Happy 20th Birthday!

Hello, Family!!!

First of all, thank you for the birthday wishes. It's been a great day already!

This was a great week!!  And do you know why??????  Because it was full of change!!!  

Sunday- we had transfers!!!!!!  I wasn't transferred and neither was my companion and we were pretty happy about that!  The problem about the transfers was that President Cabral didn't finish them until 9:30, which means he still had to send pictures to us of the transfer board. Then we have to call all of the missionaries to let them know that they need to go to their new areas or pick up their new companions before p-day ends the next day.  The other problem was that President tried just about everything to send the photos and nothing worked. It took him 15-20 minutes to send the pictures and he was talking to me the majority of the time. hahah You could tell he was a little frustrated.  It was exactly when dad gets focused on something and he wants to get it done himself, but it keeps going wrong.  I wasn't laughing at the moment, but afterwards, I thought it was funny.  

It was Elder Stokes, Elder Eufrasio and me in the office calling all of the different zones. The problem is that you have to talk about each missionary - where they are going and who there new comp is and there are now 165 missionaries in the mission, so it takes awhile!  We finished finally by 11:30!!!!!  We were so tired and didn't want to walk home so we decided we would sleep on the floor in the office. hahah It wasn't the best night of sleep, but it was fun. We talked about the mission and  after we were so tired, I don't even know if we were understanding what was being said!!

Monday- We still woke up at 6:30, but you could see on all of our faces that we were basically passed out.  We did a lot of preparation for the new missionaries on Tuesday and visited some families!!

Tuesday- The new missionaries arrived and it was really fun!  There were 13 new missionaries so there was a solid amount of people coming in and out of the office and back to the President's office!!  Afterwards, the Assistants and I had a meeting with President and Sister Cabral about the week and what we need to have ready for the big zone conferences.  President also wanted to study with us the Parable of the Talents!  I learned so much!!!! I had never in my life thought about it this way and it blew my mind!!  You guys should go and study it again because you can see some really cool things Matthew 25:14-30!!!!

Wednesday - We found a less active family that has a little boy named Bernard that really likes us!!!  When his dad told him that we had to leave he immediately frowned and went to the front door and stared at us. He was telling us in a stern voice, you can't go away - you need to play with me!!  hahah It was super cute and we were kind of laughing because it's not always the case that someone refuses to accept that we need to go and that just made Bernard (the 3 year old) even more mad!!

Thursday-  nothing happened, I did a lot of studying in Preach My Gospel and in Doctrine and Covenants for our zone meeting.  We also had 2 talks to study and they were so good!!  I'm going to send them as attachments!  One by Elder Bednar, and the other by Elder Nelson!

Friday - We had our conference!!  It was so good!!!!! 

I have never felt such a strong feeling of love and respect for President and Sister Cabral!  I was so happy!!  The conference went from 9 in the morning until about 7 at night. It was super good and I got a hug from Sister Cabral which means it was a special occasion!! hahah

Saturday...Today!!-  We were planning to go on a ski lift and then the rains came a tumbling down. haha So we decided to go to the mini zoo park. 

 It sounds crazy in the rain, but it was actually really fun.  I dropped a 5 dollar bill while I was trying to take out my camera and the bird that was right in front of me tried to grab it with its beak!!!  He ran off with it about 5-10 feet before he dropped it.  Yeah i was nearly robbed by a bird......but the rest of the day has been really good.  Trying to study a lot and feel of the spirit.  I learned a lot yesterday and I need to do a lot better!!

Love You Family!!!

and yes i am the big 2 O. Twenty haha I'm old.

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