Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 18, 2014 - I got the Package!

Hi, MOM!!!
First of all, I got the package!!!!!!!

The jerky and licorice were gone in 2 days hahah!

I think Sister Cabral is rubbing off on me because with the video which was super cool I made a check list of all the advice that was given to me.  It turned out to be a whole 9 pages of things I needed to do so that my last year on the mission will be a success!  I'll send a picture of my notes to you guys haha.  I did shed a few tears of joy haha. There were a few parts that I wasn't expecting at all or that I thought were funny.

I don't understand English very well.  I had to rewind several times so that I could pick everything up. Especially with the kids I struggled hahah and then McKaylee crying - yeah right, like I understood that. hahaha

Emma said there can't be anymore tickle fights because she is trying to be obedient and listen to her mom. I think I can do that for this upcoming year, but when I get back home I'm not so sure.:)  
Mason's voice dropped about 2 or 3 octaves I didn't even recognize his voice I was just like, what is going on right now.
Kammi said I need to be careful so that I don't get hit by a car.
Brooke has a big rock on her hand. You probably want to tell her something about that hahah. Her ring is huge.
Jeff and Tami- I can't drink Guarana on the mission, but I probably drank enough in the first 3 or 4 months for the 2 years.  Mission rules.  
Cameron- looked like he was going to cry the whole time but glad he got the ideas out before anything happened.
Lorin, Jason, Lawson Londyn- I liked Lorin's ditto and how Lorin and Jason are in sync with taking the nerf gun out of Lawson's mouth at the end hahah.
Kenzi-how is she in 10th grade......that is crazy that she is in tenth grade.  I need to get better at drinking more water.
Mike and Katie-Hi.  "fun reading letters that your mom periodically sends to us" ... 'yeah we all know how that goes'
Brandon and Taneill- "The harder you work, the hotter your wife." That's in bold in my notebook.  Thanks, Brandon.
Jared- Don't get trunky.
Gma and Gpa Baer- Grandma took what grandpa was going to say, they learned to love Charlie hahah
Gma and Gpa Thurgood- It ain't over 'til it's over.  There are pretty girls in America too.

Spencer - Have fun, be safe.  (I'm happy to know that it's going to be the same old Spencer when I get home).
Tate-Used so amazingly, I got really confused if this was a word then I thought about who was talking and decided that she is a lot better in English at this point than I am and I will just keep quiet.  She also is turning into you because she did a list of 3.  She didn't do 5 because she didn't quite hit that level of excellency, but still is learning how the game goes. hahahah
Coulson- Live long and Prosper 
McKaylee- Looking pretty ratched hahah. Yeah, take it or leave it.  What happened to the pick me up?  You're so cool, Peace. hahah oh she's a Thurgood alright!
YOU-brought the list down to three to help me out...thanks appreciate it!  Writing stuff down, I'm repenting in this part, but I'm doing better every day
Dad- I don't think he wanted me to see his face, seemed like he filmed his in a man cave.(Are you letting him choose the lighting in your room?) hahahahahahhha  Also said Hi chase it's dad.  In respone: HELLO DAD.  Big message from dad in the video was focus.  He said it 4+ times.
Coulson at the end= Finish Hard Finish Strong

My friends were in the video !!!!!!  That was really cool I liked it a lot!
notes- Can you please send the photo of us on the pier I like that photo.

Now what else happened in my week!

We had four new Americans arriving on Tuesday. They all have 8 months or more on the mission, but are all pretty excited to be in Brazil finally after that much time.

On Wednesday and Thursday it was a big day of learning because I had a couple of coming to Jesus meetings with President Cabral.  Not that I was doing anything extremely bad, it's just I wasn't doing a great job of leading in the office.  I was trying to get all of my stuff done and I didn't pay attention to the others and they were studying in President's office and left their stuff there.  We had a meeting the next morning and I didn't know that president came by the office.  To say the least, he wasn't very happy with me.  He puts the guilt on you, then the Honoring the priesthood that it's just horrible.  He first did it over Skype, then face to face.  It was rough, but I learned the lesson for the week.

For our lunch we made pancakes. They turned out terrible, but it was still a fun experience.

I studied one of the talks from General Conference called, "Lord is it I?"  by President Uchtdorf.  This was my favorite talk from the conference for sure - I really liked it!!

We are still working with Valdir and his family. They said they are going to go to Church tomorrow morning so we are going to follow up with them a lot today so that the family can come!!

Love, Chase


Here are pictures of President and Sister Cabral's house.  I don't know that I have ever sent pictures to you, but I was there for the new missionaries arriving and I took some photos because well, I figured you would like it.

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