Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 11, 2014 - Living the Missionary Life


I have been struggling a little bit with journal writing but its getting better. I will get really good at journal writing for a transfer then something in my routine changes that screws everything up and I end up not writing.

I don't think it would have been bad to have two dogs, but only if we had gotten them at the same time because I think Charlie got spoiled a lot with us. Now with Stryker he has to share the attention and Charlie is a colorado Thurgood....he likes the attention. hahahah

Coulson is such a stud. I wish I would have been more like him when I was in high school!  He told me last week that his lowest grade is a 97.....are you kidding me......I think you need to give him a coming to Jesus meeting like in Sandlot: 
              I know you're smart, and I'm proud of you.
              I want you to get out into the fresh air and make some friends.

              Run around, scrape your knees, get dirty.

              Climb trees, hop fences.

              Get into trouble, for crying out loud.

              Not too much, but some. You have my permission.

              How many mothers do you know who say something like that to their sons?
hahah but not too much!!  

That's so cool that Tate finished strong in cross country!!  I don't think I would be able to get even close to 24 minutes for a 5k!

In the mission, we have had some missionaries with health problems that is probably going to make them go home. It is sad because they all have still quite a bit of time left on the mission and that it stinks. No other words to describe it.

This week was good. We got to work a lot more in the field which was really nice! We found several new families that we are going to be working with this next week - more and more!

First, we found Valdir and his family.  In his house, he lives with his wife and 6 kids! Then above his house on the top floor lives his sister-in-law with her two kids!  They live on the same street that we live on.  Valdir really liked talking about the states with me, but you could also tell he was interested in what we had to say!  We are going to visit him later today to invite him for the stake conference that we have tomorrow.

Maria José is a refernce we had from a mom of a sister missionary in our mission.  Maria José's husband was having some health problems and in some form or another they started talking about religion and then they talked how her daughter was serving in Santos. Maria José said she lived there so we are really hoping that it works out.  You could tell that she was pretty rich (she had an audi q4), but when we first made contact with her on the street, she seemed excited to talk with us.

The other person we found this week is Gildomar!  A member was always taking the same bus as him and so one day she talked about the church to him and invited him to church. The next Sunday, he came!  So we are trying to teach him inside his house, but it's been really hard finding him at his house, but we are going to keep working!

We had a mission fast this week so that we can all have success in our areas and be able to apply what we learned from general conference!

We ate at a member's house that had another super cool view to the beach that was super duper pretty!  We all took photos and it turned out really good!  

I also bought a buzzer for hair cutting, but I didn't realize the #11 it had was a lot shorter than I thought, so when I cut my hair at 11, I basically shaved it all off. At least it's cooler now that it's starting to hit 90s all the time.

I studied President Monson's talk, "Guided Safely Home" about how we need to have our course set in the right direction so that we can use, honor, and be worthy of the priesthood that we hold.  We need to have that same courage that Jacob from the Book of Mormon had...."I could not be shaken".

Well, that was my week. I hope to hear from you guys soon. A little less than 2 months!!!!

Did you ever hear back from Sister Culley's mom if she got the video.  You should ask Aunt Coy if she knows their family because they go to Bingham and Sister Culley probably went to school at about the same time as Tony.

These are the pictures that I took from the view of the members house with my companion and then also a photo of the zone at zone meeting!

Love you, M

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