Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 25, 2014 - My Week!

My week was really good!!  We had success in teaching new families and I had some new opportunities that I've never had on the Mission before!

First on Monday in the morning, we had a mission choir practice where we are basically going to be traveling throughout the entire mission singing at all the different church houses for Christmas!  It is turning out really good and I also have a speaking part because it literally is a full program with narrators, solos - all that fun stuff.  I have to say this: 
E agora depos de muitos testemunhos que se prestaram dele, este é o testemunho.  Último de todos, que nos damos dele.  Que Ele vive!  por que O vimos, sim a direita de Deus, e ouvimos sua voz testificando que Ele é o unigênito do Pai.  
It's from Doctrine and Covenants 76. I didn't have it memorized on Monday and Sister Cabral didn't like that too much so everyone who didn't have their part memorized had a coming to Jesus meeting with her after. We sat there in the chapel until we had everything memorized.  To pass it off to her, we had to take the microphone and say it to her, but she was smiling the whole time and you still had to keep a straight face.  I didn't do very well at keeping a straight face, but she let me go thank goodness.

On Tuesday, I had a really strange experience with some young boys in the favella here in Santos.  We went on a division in the afternoon with a companionship. We went up onto the moutain that's basically a giant favella.  Just climbing up the thing, we walked by the drug traffickers that are the bosses of the mountain with walkie talkies telling the whole place who is coming and if its the police. It was nuts!!  When we passed by, they were smoking pot like it was a cigarette - just taking a smoke up there in broad day light.    Up there, we had a baptismal interview that my companion did which didn't pass, unfortunately.  The craziest part of the whole experience was when we were messing around with a soccer ball. I was spinning it on my finger, showing them that I played basketball when a kid that had about 8 or 9 years old came running up to me.  He said "troca" which means trade or change.  Then he held out his hands and he had 3 cigarettes.  He wanted to trade 3 cigarettes for the soccer ball that we were messing around with!!  Can you believe that!  I was in shock and told him I don't smoke. My comp just started laughing because I was in so much shock .  The Brazilians all seemed like it was a normal thing for a kid to do this, but for me I was just about knocked out.  The kid then ran off mumbling, but we heard him say what kind of guy doesn't smoke!?  We need to talk to him about the word of wisdom!

Wednesday was super cool because I had lunch just with President Cabral.  Just hm and me!!  He asked if I had lunch and I told him our lunch fell through so he asked if I wanted to go somewhere.  He didn't really need to ask, but of course, I said yes hahah.  It was really cool; he asked me some questions about why I was on the mission. He asked about my family and then he talked a little about his conversion experience. It was super special.  The funniest part was when he asked me if I had a sister with 18 or 19 years.  I said yes.  He said okay, what I need you to do now is send her email to Kevin ( his son that's serving in Knoxville, Tennessee).  I asked why and he said I'm a little worried about the kid.  I just started laughing and he's like, you think I'm joking, but this stuff is serious. I still kept laughing because he was half smiling at the same time.   Really cool experience!

Thursday we found a new family!!!!  Their names are Diomar and Nez.  They are very cool and very smart people.  They were a referral from the stake president!  We taught the first lesson with them and we felt the spirit really strong!!!  They accepted to be baptized on the 9th of November!  They said they will go to church tomorrow and hopefully we can integrate them a little bit with some families in the ward!  

Friday, we had two missionaries go home for medical or other reasons and let me tell you the worst part about being the executive secretary is when you have to call the mother of her son on the mission and say he's coming home.  I was shaking this week because literally, I didn't know what to say.  You could tell the mom was devastated.  It was rough.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. I'm doing fine. My companion and me are getting along a lot better which is good.

Yeah I don't have much else.

This is a picture of me when I email.  I sit in the chair the whole stinking week so I decided to move some things around. It's a lot more comfortable!

Ill be back in an hour we are going to go give a blessing to the sister's investigator and then we are coming back!!

Eu amo vocês!!!!!!!!!

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