Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 8, 2014 - The Week - LOL Style

Hello family and friends!!!

How are you guys!?  

My week went a little something like this!

Sunday- We had 4 investigators that came to church which was super exciting,  but it also was super hot on Sunday and there is no air conditioning in the church which makes it a little rough sometimes with a suit jacket and all!  We had lunch with a member and they were doing a Brazilian barbeque for us, but the thing is, they live in an apartment building and where they cook the steak and meat is in a little barbeque fireplace type thing.  The reason why I am telling you this is that the family couldn't get the fire started because grills don't exist in Brazil!  So I was talking with President Cabral about some of the things that needed to be done in preparation for the week and I wasn't really paying very close attention.  Then the mom who speaks really good English says "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.I don't know, I don't know."  Then she told me to come over and help with the situation.  I tried my best, but they had put so much lighter fluid on the thing that nothing would take!  She also asked if I was a Eagle Scout and I said I was, but that it's been a a while (it was embarrassing). hahah  Then the dad went and got the daughter's blow dryer, plugged it in and throws a match in there and turns on the blow dryer.  After 3 minutes, the pit was full of red hot charcoals.  So take note, family and friends, blow dryers are fire starters as well!!  The best part of the thing was when the mom and daughter were like, "What are you doing with my blow dryer? It's super expensive! What are you doing?"  Then the dad said, "I'm saving lunch." haha 

Monday- We had a choir practice, but it was more of a walk down memory lane because we watched the performance we had on Saturday and it was literally a film session.  I was laughing so hard because I knew exactly where I wasn't paying very close attention or when I was moving around and of course, Sister Cabral pointed every little thing out which was just a great experience. haha Just as it was in football, you have a ton of laughs when people mess up or do something stupid, but then when  it comes to you, you're completely quiet.

Tuesday-We had three appointments marked and unfortunately all of them fell through.  We were pretty disappointed, but we marked for later in the week so it should be a little bit better.  I also picked up my Suit and got new shoes and a belt.  I was pretty excited hahah.  We also got a new missionary today.  The only problem was that President and Sister Cabral were in meetings with general authorities Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  That means he doesn't meet them until at least Friday.  That means the training that is normally given by President and Sister Cabral, the introductions and all of that, was passed down to me.  Yeah I was thinking the same thing....oh great here we go, but it was okay in the end.  I got to go out to lunch with him which paid by the mission so that was nice.  Sister Cabral said on Monday that I have to take him to a nice restaurant because he already doesn't get a good welcoming, so I have to do this.  I took him to a decent restaurant, I thought,  but I already knew what I would tell Sister Cabral haha.  She came by the office to drop something off for me on Wed. and she asked where I went.  I told her we went to McDonalds and that he really enjoyed it.........she almost killed me! hahahhahah I got a really good laugh out of it and so did she, but I was more disappointed that she believed I would take the new missionary to McDonalds!!

Wednesday- normal crazy day.  Went to São Paulo to take a missionary to the airport.  Remembered when i first got into Brazil and how lost I was there.  We got back around 2 in the morning.  Yes, it was a very long day.

Thursday-We got some good teaching done today.  We went and visited some less active members to see how they were doing.  We gave a lesson about being grateful for the things that we have and we used the attributes of Captain Moroni in Alma 48:11 and how he is such a great example of being grateful for the things God gives us.  
Sister Dalton told me that Sister Cabral signed her and me up to sing at the Christmas conference.  Say what?!!  Yeah, I was shocked.  So now I have to learn a song for Christmas. I want it to be "Be Still My Soul" or something, but I have no idea.

Friday-We had a baptismal interview to make sure the sisters' baptism was all ready to go for Saturday (today) .  He passed, then we went to lunch.  The problem was going to lunch.  We were walking down the busiest street in Santos and basically I lost my companion, or he lost me; I don't know.  There was a huge group of teenagers and I tried weaving in and out, but it didn't work and my comp walked around them. The next thing I know, when I got out of there he was gone and I couldn't see him at all.  What made it worse was that I didn't have the phone, and what made it even more worse was that I got lost trying to go to the member's house.  It was bad because I was already in panic mode trying to find him then I got lost by myself.  Finally, I figured out where I was and got to the member's house.  I used the phone at the front desk to call my comp to see where he was at.  He told me he was with the other 2 missionaries trying to find the only blonde, blue-eyed person in Santos! hahah

Saturday-  nothing much today just enjoying the cooler weather.

There have been some new changes on how we are going to be teaching new converts which I think will be a huge plus because it helps integrate the converts with the members so much more and makes sure the things they need to know are being taught to them!

I'm pretty excited for next week. We are going to have transfers and zone conferences all next week. It should be really exciting!!

Love all of you guys and hope to hear from you all soon!!

Elder Chase Thurgood

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