Friday, March 21, 2014

December 9, 2013:

Alright so basically soccer is the biggest thing here in Brasil.  If you go to talk to someone, the first thing they ask is what team you root for and your conversation after that is dependent on what team you choose.

 First off,  I'm gaining serious bad weight.  I've come to the conclusion that I have to stop drinking soda for awhile because I'm pretty sure that's what it's from!

Don't worry too much but I sold one of my suitcases.  The small one for 80 reais or 40 bucks. One of the elders needed a suitcase and honestly, having 3 suitcases is the absolute most painful thing in the butt when you need to move them.  I'm looking around the town right now for a duffel bag that I can use as a carry on. I'm going to be staying here in Ponta da Praia for another transfer so I'm not super worried!

My pants have all gotten a little tighter lately and a lot of the hems at the bottom broke so I've done some serious renovation on them haha.  Do  you remember how the blue suit was super big on the waist when I left?? It's now tight and I have to not suck in but skinny up. haha Oh, the struggles of eating rice and beans every meal haha.  My white shirts are dwindling as well. It seems like I'm the only one that something happens to and I get a permanent stain on my shirt. It's so hot here, I sweat and my bag is leather.  Not a good combo. The leather bled onto several of my shirts, but i didn't notice until after I put them out to dry, so I have brown marks on 2 or 3 of my shirts.  I have to ask some older elders where i can buy some new ones.  Shoes are holding up good.

The work here is still slow for investigators, but me and my companion are trying to change the culture about this area that there is no way God made a bad area or a bad place to baptize. You just need to find out how to work in those areas so that you can succeed!  We have several inactives that we have been talking to a lot. Two of them came back to church this week and participated in the lessons.  One of them was crying during sacrament because I think he realized what he was missing and just felt happy to be there!  We are meeting with him sometime this week.  We found a friend of a member; she is 18 years old and went to the same school as a member who is about to leave for his mission soon.  She has a lot of questions and wanted to know more about the mission in general, but she basically is our only true investigator. Our stake put on a play this week of Anastasia with all the young men and women! It was super funny in Portuguese. I was laughing half the time.  I had lunch at the stake president's house yesterday. In Brazil, you have lunches with families, not dinner.

First pancakes on the mission!

Spiritual things
2 Nephi 4 is my new favorite chapter.  Nephi is so humble it humbles you that you need to be more like him. In  verse 20 (I think) it talks about how God is his support.  It's cool to see that he knew that and that God is always there to support and love us. 
Mom, you might be a little surprised but I've been practicing the hymns and I got asked to play piano in sacrament next week.  I'm not sure if its gonna happen, but yeah you told me so.  The activities here are super late. They had a Christmas party for the primary and we had to leave early to get back to the house to go to sleep.  I think it ended at 10:15.
43 degrees Celsius last week, I nearly passed out. One day this week we walked probably 15-20 miles in 40 degrees Celsius heat. I don't know the conversion, but it's over 100.

The language is getting better I can pray without stuttering now and can pray for a normal time of a prayer. Understanding is getting better too, but honestly I'm just kind of going with the flow.  At first, I was super worried about it but now its usual to not understand so I just try to pick up the main ideas and respond to that.  hah

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