Thursday, March 20, 2014

October 18, 2013: 1 MONTH!

This past week has been good for me. I'm getting better and more confident in the language, but once I get in the field I'm sure I'll be re-humbled and have to start all over again.

I don't know if I like the weather here.  It's always really gloomy here - never sunny and the fact that were almost always in the CTM 6 days a weeks doesn't help, but I'm getting better and better each day.

I'm still gaining tons of weight, but I'm trying to not eat as much anymore because its getting a little out of hand now haha.  Life is good, but I do the same thing every day. It's crazy to think that its been a month on the mission.  23 more to go.

Answers to Mom's Questions:

1. Pictures
I can't take pictures outside of the CTM. Even if I could we can't send anything from these computers because of the time constraints.  The only pictures I've taken are of my district and the view from the top floor of the CTM.

2. Sheets
I brought sheets
3. Things for birthday
I would like some kind of calendar and also a scripture case for my English quad.  Carrying them around in my bag is beating them up, but honestly if you send anything at all to me it would be treated like gold.  Anything from Mr. Cheney's is fine, but the cookies are the best.

4. Safety
Yes, I heard of people getting mugged.  We had to register with the police this week and we saw a guy getting chased  down by another man with a machete. It's pretty crazy.

5. Where do you play basketball
Our gym has a roof over a outdoor facility that I think there are pictures online of it.

6. New attribute for this week is humilidade or humility.  Watch the Mormon Messages, "The Will of God" with D. Todd Christofferson.  It's super good; we watch it every day.

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