Monday, March 17, 2014

September 18, 2013: First Email of the mIssion

Something funny that has been happening is I keep introducing myself as Chase, but so is everyone else haha.  I found out that my p day is on Friday, but I won't have one this week because of the short week. 
 I still haven't unpacked yet I've been so busy today!  I do have my companion.  He is from Colorado and is also going to the Santos mission, which is pretty crazy. We met 10 others at the airport and went as a little crew; it was sick.  One of the Sisters was able to speak with the Brazilians on the plane and placed a Book of  Mormon. It was ridiculous how good she was.  I haven't showered or changed out of my clothes yet and I just want to take a shower so bad.
I think so far that I am doing well with what I've learned with the language and i think a lot of the instructors like me because I try a lot and participate more even if its wrong; they like that I'm trying to speak. So far the food has been decent; nothing too special, but nothing too bad.  
The spirit is so strong here and we have already taught  as a group an investigator that could speak English. It was really a great experience. The people here tell me that Santos is really beautiful and  the people are very sweet and welcoming, which is good.  
All of the missionaries that have been here awhile heard me talking about football and they asked me how each of their college football teams were doing. I had like a group of like 10 - 15 American missionaries asking and I was just fueling the fire, haha. Now they all know who i am after only being here for like 6 hours and are helping me out which will be good. I'm rooming with some Brazilian missionaries and I struggle figuring out what they are saying but we can kind of communicate. 
I love you guys and look forward to hearing from you.  Tell McKaylee and Coulson to have fun at homecoming and let me know how Coulson does in his game against legacy.
Elder Thurgood

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