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September 27, 2013 - First Full Week in the CTM

My district number is 38b and the box number is 24.  The only reason I know that is because I am the district leader for the group that I have classes with all day long.  I love all of them.  They all are focused and excited to serve the Lord like me.  One Elder that I have connected with is Elder Davis. He`s from North Carolina and he's got a real southern accent.  We both like sports and he has the same humor as me so we just laugh all the time.  My companion is actually from Castle Rock in Colorado. I flew with him the whole way here to Brasil. 

  I can't tell you how much I have felt your constant love for me.  This week has been hard on me.  I am pretty homesick at this point and generally read a letter each night from you guys and cry myself to sleep.
Brazil CTM
I enjoy the CTM for the most part but I love you. I can bear my testimony and say a lengthy prayer in Portuguese. It's pretty cool.
Thank you for your prayers they are much needed.  I have already figured out that I can't do this by myself and have gone to the Lord in humble prayer many times.   I am not bad at Portuguese but my mind just goes blank and doesn't remember any language sometimes, haha. The struggle is real.

The CTM has a cafeteria type eating place and I eat a lot here.
CTM cafeteria
I have gained 5 pounds in 10 days!! haha I have made some friends here. While we are here they hate us speaking in English so I try to speak Portuguese as much as I can.  I know how to communicate very basically with people and then I know how to pray, bear my testimony, have memorized the invitation to be baptized and the missionary's purpose in Portuguese.
 No one wants to  play basketball because I'm too good haha.  I am sick too right now but it will pass!
I love you with all my heart,
Elder Chase Thurgood

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