Monday, March 17, 2014

September 17, 2013: He has left the country!

Last picture of the 5 kids together for 2 years.

After Chase had left; showing our puffy cry baby faces.

Dear Family,

We took Chase to the airport today. Although it's been a very emotional day, it's also been a very good day.

We were able to go to to breakfast before heading down to Denver (one happy side note - Ronnie and Chase who were in Denver yesterday, noticed a significant receding in the waters on the side of the freeway from the flooding). We asked for gate passes, but were only offered 1. Um, excuse me, pretty, little Delta Lady, but you do see there are 5 more of us here, right? Don't worry, I handled it with grace and only showed enough tears to make her avoid eye contact.

We said our final goodbyes on the walkway over security, that unfortunately, for passerby, included a lot of crying. It was very emotional for all of us except for Spencer, who was acting surprisingly quiet. We were able to watch Chase go through security in his "lady killer" suit and first-day tie. He flashed us lots of smiles and we cheered (quietly) when he made it all the way through security by himself. Once he had his shoes back on and gathered up his bags, he gave us one last big wave before heading down to the trains.
We are hoping to hear notification of his arrival sometime tomorrow afternoon. He should arrive in Sao Paulo around 8 tomorrow morning. Right now, we've all downloaded the flight tracker apps and are are set to watch the little plane move across the Atlantic. He'll be able to email us on Friday.

Oh, and that Spencer/surprisingly quiet thing? Turns out, when we got home, he was running a 102 temp. Yep, I was definitely one distracted mom today. Once we figured this out, his tears just started to flow.

Big thanks to all of you for being a part of Chase's life and helping him become the man we saw leave today.
Love you all,


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