Thursday, March 20, 2014

November 25, 2013: Quick Greetings from a Happy Missionary

For your birthday since its a little difficult to send presents I have created a scavenger hunt in the scriptures. Hopefully I can explain how to do it over the computer!  
Alright im going to give you whether its in the Book of Mormon or Bible.  then a page number chapter and verse and which word in the verse.

Livro   Page   Chap   Verse   Word  
Bom     14        8          10       18
Bible    1187     1           18        3
bible    1488     1            6         22 
Bom    350-1   56         47        36
           273       26         12        23
            524       7          47         6
D&C      194     100       8          5

Hopefully it actually works out!

I hope you have a great week with your and Spencer's birthdays and for Thanksgiving!!  Please watch football for me hahah.

I'm getting happier and happier every day which is nice.          

 Sorry I'm not writing a lot but know that I love you and Dad and the family more than anything!  You are the reason why I'm getting through the days when it gets hard.


I don't have much time but the language is going a lot better than I realized!  I went on an exchange with Elder Saturnino and I was understanding a ton and was able to respond! The gift of tongues is real - tha'ts all |I can say!!  Teaching is difficult only because we don't have people to teach! Its getting easier not because the work is easier but because I am getting better mentally, physically and especially spiritually!  I love you, Dad and know that I have the greatest hero and example in the world to look up to every day!! 

I love you,
Elder Chase Thurgood
         Thur good (quinta boa)

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