Wednesday, August 27, 2014

April 14 - Changes are a comin'. . .

My foot is doing better; it doesn't have as much color, but it is still touchy.  I spent quite a bit of money this past week.   I bought a new tie, a new speaker (because the old one broke), and I went to the foot doctor for my ingrown toenail, which was what really hit me hard.  I should get reimbursed for the foot doctor, though.  

I still know nothing about transfers which is frustrating.  President had a meeting last night with all of the stake presidents, but he didn't pass along the transfers, but I think I'm going.
Temple!  I'm so jealous you went to the temple.  I have learned so many things in the scriptures about the temple and what so much stuff means. Now that I understand that, I want to go so bad! This is really good though, that you are making it your goal!  It will be a great blessing in your life.  

What President Foster said is what President Cabral talks about almost every time I see him: Recognizing and knowing the Savior to become truly converted to the gospel of Christ.
I've been really studying this because it's easier to teach people when you are more converted in the gospel. I asked President for some scriptures and he gave me Matthew 7:23.  It says the opposite of what I thought it would say, but then if you think about it, it says that God didn't know us, so how will He know and recognize us in the last day.  We do this through little things at first, but then we need to exhort ourselves to be our best.  We need to ask for trials and tribulations in our life from God so that we can show that He can trust us and we in Him.  This life is a preparatory time, a time to prove who we serve.Yeah, there's my little spiritual testimony for you this week. I have more scriptures, but I really liked this one.

I'm so jealous about The Hobbit. Man, Frozen and Hobbit 2 came out on DVD here in the stores and it's ridiculous.

Were you crying before you took pictures with Coulson for the Mormon Prom.
Your hair looks good long!
Love you mama 
Love Chase

Later. . .

Chase:  We finally got the call that I'm going to be transferred - both me and E
lder Johnson!

Mom:  Oh, I'm so happy you get to still be with Elder Johnson. 
Does this mean you'll be a zone leader in your new area?
When do you go there?
Where is it?

Chase: No, Mom, this doesn't mean we are together anymore.....we both are getting transferred to different areas.
Yes, that does mean I'll be a Zone Leader in my new area.
I'll go there on Wednesday or Thursday probably.
Won't know until tomorrow morning.
 Mom: So you don't know where you are going? How do you know which bus to take?
Chase: We go to Santos tomorrow to find out where we go then on Wednesday we have an Easter Conference with the whole mission. Then Wednesday night or Thursday morning we leave and most of the time you just need a lot of luck.
 Mom: Well, Chasey  Ronald, you are related to your Grandma Baer, so you have luck.

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