Monday, August 25, 2014

March 31, 2014 - General Conference Prep from Sister Cabral

This is the suggestions that sister cabral gave us for general confernce thought you would like it
How are you?
How was this week?

We finished our series of conferences Zone, this month ... also finished the month! And it was great to participate in the conference each zone, as learned! I'm exhausted, but with much more knowledge and that makes it all worthwhile!

The General Meeting of Women was wonderful, if you have researchers, invites them to attend this meeting retransmission, they will love!

This is the week of preparation for General Conference - remember you have to attend all sessions. To better aproveitares the conference, suggest some important things to be done this week:

1) Choose a day to do a fast in preparation for the conference.
2) During the week, write down the questions you want them to be answered at the conference.
3) Prayerfully study the scriptures daily to help you understand more about the Apostles, Prophets, personal revelation, the purpose of the conference - this can help:

4) For the conference, go prepared, you need not get up during the sessions Searching reverent and stay tuned to hear the answers you seek And for intervals:.. Takes water, sandwich, apple ... Keep the spirit of reverence, even during breaks.

5) During the conference, notes that all the commandments are given (phrases that begin with: you can ... you should ... it would be nice ... that the Lord wants ... I suggest ... I invite ... etc..)

It will be a great end of the week! Revelation flows from heaven! We are prepared to receive it! Up there!

With love,
Sister Cabral
Mission Santos - Always Faithful

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