Saturday, August 30, 2014

May 6, 2014 - Zone Conference Training

 Well,  my P-day got moved to today because we had zone conference yesterday.  I gave a 2 hour training to my zone. I was pretty nervous at first, but it turned out really well.  The mission right now is having a hard time baptizing, basically it's a lack of faith that we aren't getting it done.  So president asked that all the ZL's talk about faith in the training. It was really good.  I studied really hard so that it could help the misionaries in my zone.  I related how faith will be exactly equal to our personal rightesouness.  If we have personal rightesousness we have faith and vice versa.  I used a ton of scriptures from Ether 12 on faith and also talked how doubt is the enemy of faith.  Super cool - I'll share with you guys more on Sunday.  

 I'll start praying for my package hahah. If I just get the hymn book, I'll be fine.  Learned how to play a lot of songs on the piano.  Do you remember the song,  "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes? I now can play that one. It's pretty cool.    

I think right now, Sunday in the afternoon would be good, basically right after you guys get done with church because we are having a short transfer and already will know if we are transferred to a new area this Sunday.  So for right now, lets plan on 2:30 your time, 5:30 my time. If not, I'll email you because Elder Chase also wants to talk to his family on Sunday.

Elder Parrella with Elder Thurgood

I had a really good talk with Elder Parrella, one of the Assistants and really got a lot of stress released and am doing well.  We talked how the Atonement literally gives us the capacity to do everything and how obedience is everything.

Love you, Mom
See you SOON!

Love you Dad.
Felt your prayers this past week.  Thanks.  Got a lot out of this week on what I need to do. God loves each and every one of us.  If I gained a testimony of anything on the mission it's that God lives, Christ lives.  Without a shadow of a doubt, Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God to restore the Church of Christ with the priesthood authority to act in His name. I'm grateful for the Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
I'm doing well with my companion. I'm not being quite as nice with him talking in English.  He needs to learn so I'm being a little hard on him. He will see that it is good for him eventually, I hope hahah.  
"Terrestial" Cleaners.

We are teaching some families that I hope can be baptized this Sunday.  Just need to find the switch inside them.
See  you SUNDAY!!!
te amo

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