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April 7, 2014 - Sister Cabral's Conference Notes

Good morning!

What a wonderful conference we had, is not it?
I left the conference with a huge check list! And you? Many revelations? Your questions were answered?
As prayed, President Monson, were elevated, inspired and educated!
I'll share some things I learned:
- Elder Holland: Defend your faith with COURAGE and COURTESY - he us remember the importance of courtesy in missionary work. Never get angry and treat people badly who do not wish to share our faith.
- Elder Rasband of the Seventy: Tue joy and desire to carry the burden of discipleship. When we are engaged in His work, our testimony grows and our faith is strengthened.
- Elder Andersen: The law of men may change, but God's laws are eternal and must be obeyed. Cling to the daily scripture study. To be Always Faithful, year after year, their testimony of Jesus Christ will be increasingly confirmed.
- Pres. Eyring: We have in our hands the eternal inheritance of many more people than we can imagine. The duty sometimes be difficult because it must move us on the path toward eternal life. Repent before they come to the sad and painful consequences.
- Elder Nelson: Faith is the antidote to fear. We need to let our faith appear. The laws of God should always be our standard. NEVER WRONG IS RIGHT - even if all they do.
- Elder Scott: Help researchers to knowing who need the gospel; make correct decisions; Know that the Lord is in 1st place; find answers in the scriptures. The conversion of a person is only a part of the work, there is the family temple sealing. Share principles that will help them cerscer daily. Keep the simple principles. Testify of the Savior and the power of His Atonement. Better serve our Heavenly Father influencing others and serving them.
- Elder Hales: "Suffers temptations but gave no heed unto them." Selective obedience = crying love God, chose to obey. When choosing what to obey, it is important to remember the consequences. The reason to disobey is to love Satan more than God. Not rationalize disobedience. Obedience brings blessings and is taught by example. Our Savior lives because obeyed.
- Elder Zivic: How wonderful when we keep the commandments without anyone having to remember!
- Elder Zwick: Treat people with kindness and respect, even when they disagree - applying to the fellowship - there is great need to improve communication, "what you were thinking when you acted that way?"; listen to one another and to see the view from each.
- Elder Cook: Family history is our obligation.
- Pres. Uchtdorf: Gratitude should be a way of life regardless of our circumstances, ie, instead of being grateful for "things", we should be thankful in the circumstances we find ourselves, like Nephi, Job, pioneers, Joseph Smith, who, even in prison, wrote to the saints "hopefully joyfully in the Lord." By being grateful to the Lord in circumstances where we are, we feel peace, experience the serenity of God's grace. Being grateful does not mean that we are happy with the circumstances in which we find ourselves, but we trust in God, exercise faith in Him - "Not my will be done but yours". The spirit of gratitude is the truth we know: the Atonement return to live with God and we will have an eternal family. Gratitude is a catalyst for all the attributes of Christ.
- Elder Ballard: Track - Let us follow requests to act and progress. Each member should study SMEs and share what you learn with the missionaries. At least every 4 months, submit a person to misisonários.
- Sister Stevens: The Lord knows us, hears and answers our prayers. If you truly trust God, will overcome all challenges.
- Bishop Stevenson: This is your life "4 Minutes" pair-do what you do and prepared to receive the award. The Lord is on our side, how can we fail?
- Elder Bednar: Heed the call of the Lord to put His yoke upon us. We do this by making covenants with Him Through the Atonement received muitoalém our ability. Our charges are not removed, we are strengthened to carry them. Learn more about the Atonement to carry his own load. It is the burden we carry establishing sufficient to deliver us and lead us back to our Heavenly Father spiritual traction.
- Pres. Monson: Whoever loves God, loves his neighbor, too. Patience, kindness, gentleness, recognizing the needs of others. Every day we have opportunities to do good. The Best Place to show charity is at home [with your fellow Mission]. Treat with kindness and respect. Only forgiveness heals. Maybe tomorrow, you forget the kind words spoken, but those who received the treasure for ever.
- Pres. Packer: We can all be inspired.
- Elder Walker: Every LDS should be always loyal.
- Elder Perry: To always choose the right, follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Be ready to receive the gentle inspiration of the Holy Spirit. To succeed in life, we need to teach our body and mind to work together and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit. Our faithful obedience in the end, rescue us. Obedience is a choice between our limited power and knowledge and unlimited power and knowledge of God.
- Elder Corbridge: There will always be opposition to the truth. Has a tremendous importance what we choose to do cad delays.
- Elder Teh: Our teosuro in heaven: 1) develope attributes of Christ; 2) Strengthen family relationships; 3) Serving others); 4) Understanding the doctrine of Christ and strengthen our testimonies.
- Elder Aidukaitis: Know the truth: 1) Observing its fruits; 2) Experiencing the Word for ourselves; 3) Personal Development = knowledge received from the Lord to ask in faith. If we are truly seeking the truth, we are willing to do anything to find her, to study the scriptures and pray.
- Elder Christofferson: Christ is real. Faith is real.
- Pres. Monson: Carefully study each speech upon receiving the Liahona.

So many things for me to put into practice and improve! Have a great weekend!

With love,
Sister Cabral
Mission Santos - Always Faithful

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