Saturday, August 30, 2014

May 26, 2014 - "Plain and simple, it's hard"

This week was alright. I'm learning a lot with my new companion. He doesn't like to listen to me.   He says he doesn't believe in anything I'm saying because that's not how they did it in his short mission when he didn't get his visa for 2 weeks.  It's been frustrating to say the least and I've really been struggling with this lately.  Please pray for patience for me.  I am trying everything I have learned about loving others, but it's hard. Plain and simple, it's hard.

Our baptism fell through at the last minute. He was ready, but then his ex-girlfriend came over to his house and yeah. So we need to revisit the Law of Chastity and then we will see.  He is really good, but he doesn't have the desire. We found a couple different families this week.  Francielle, daughter with a baby of 1 month and Gloria, mom of Francielle, Fatima, mom and her two daughters, Talita and Luiza.  Leila, mom and Larissa.  Mayara and Felipe are so close to understanding and wanting to be baptized. The problem is they don't understand the importance of going to church and keeping commitments.  I've really tried studying a lot on how I can change my teaching to get them to keep commitments better.  
It rained for 5 days straight. A little ridiculous honestly and it was in the 50s- 60s so it was the coldest weather I have felt since September.  
McKaylee told me about the graduation. I know I probably shouldn't have laughed, but I could just see this happening to her or me and us forgetting about seminary hahah sorry.  I'm glad you got to see all of my friends. I saw pictures of Matt and Jake. They both look good haha. Jake's thick as heck and Matt is looking like Matt.  I'm sure Jake hits the ball hard and far but probably not very straight.  
This week I also went to Santos because my companion needed some Brazilian identification to carry with him.  Studied in Ether 1-3 really enjoyed it.   Never realized that The brother of Jared saw us in our day because of his faith.  He literally saw everyone before, during and after his time.  Ether 3:25.
Thanks, Dad, for everything
Love cHASE
hahah I'm sorry, mom, about McKaylee robbing years off your life, but I thought it was freaking hilarious, honestly hahahah.  I was just thinking that Grandpa was probably laughing at the whole situation.  Did you take photos of the party or just with the graduation? Of course, she would be the one to take off the NHS collar. She is a goof - there is no other way to describe McKaylee besides McKaylee.  Those chocolate strawberries sound so ridiculously good. I haven't had strawberries in so long.  Was it hectic with both sets of grandparents there?  

I have read the hymnal several times already. I really like what you wrote in there. I always start out my studies reading or humming a song based on what I am going to study. 
Frozen - I haven't watched it, yet.  I probably will watch it today if anything.

McKaylee sure wrecked herself on a chain link fence hahahaha. Typical McKaylee.
Love you mom

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