Monday, August 25, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Great Week of teaching in Guaruja

My shoulder is doing good. I  took some ibuprofen this week and then I tried remembering all that rehab I did before.  I just did that for exercising all week and it's feeling a lot better now.  For my toe, they just sent me to a store that works with those problems, but the problem is they don't have one in Guaruja so its complicated.

This week was pretty good with teaching; we had a lot of lessons with members that came with us to visit our investigators.  Probably around 15, so it was good.  We gave the first lesson to a friend of young man on Friday. I retold the first vision to him. When we teach it, we pause so that the spirit can testify of the truth. After I said it, I paused and looked at him. He didn't cry, but he just gave like a big old shake like he got the chills through his whole body and then he asked if we could tell it again. I was like"We can do that!"  He said he really wants to learn more.  He couldn't go to church this week and because of general conference we will have to wait almost three weeks until his baptism.  Rough, but he is already bringing his other friends to hear the message. I hope it works out for us.

Our ward is super good; the bishop is probably the most focused bishop I have seen in missionary work.  It's awesome because we have activities for the whole ward every Wednesday and he wants everyone to bring a friend no matter what, so it's been great making friendships. 

Give a big old hug to Brooke when she gets married.  It's crazy that she's getting married.  I have to tell you what President Cabral told us last week.  He said that a Brazil Santos missionary who isn't married or at least engaged within a year, he is going to fly out to your house and have a nice talk with you and if he needs to hit ya on the head hahah.  I was just like beleza pode deixar.  Awesome say that anytime!;)  ahhah its funny how on the mission you dont think about dating you think about getting married.  Yep sorry dad i said it. hahaha  Keep thinking of ways to be involved in the work of the Lord.  The blessings that are in store we dont even understand the significance how big they are.

 In advance I'm sorry for my writing skills my English has gone down hill this week. I was teaching an English class this week and I literally couldn't even teach the basics. Portuguese is just stuck!  (NOOOOOOOO) 

Matt Hughes told me how good Tate was. She is such a stud! 

Hahah Good luck with dad and his new budgeting ideas and wish dad good luck with your new addiction. 
The blur  (McKaylee) was telling me that her video is pretty funny. I shared a scripture with her and I hope she goes with it. The fake tan is funny, but typical McKaylee right?
Tell Coulson to be bold.  Find the prettiest girl and ask her to Mormon prom. Done set in stone. haha That's what we decided to do, but with the biggest most jacked man on the street last week and now we are teaching him.  He is a little Maurice  Jones Drew. (Football player). 
Thanks for the advice.I need that sometimes. I get so worried about the numbers for the week without a baptism that I get stressed, but thank you so much.
I was talking to my companion this week, just sharing funny stories and he told me one about his old Samoan companion when he was in Arizona.  They were playing flag football, but eventually it turned to tackle football. They were playing with their investigator and a bunch of his friends from inner city Tucson. His old companion is huge -  just a 6' 6" giant. He was just knocking out everyone and one guy on the other team that they were playing was not making fun of them, but he was teasing them a little bit about the church. I think Elder Natane was tired of it. The kid caught the ball and Elder Natane put that kid into the next galaxy; just went air born with him! hahah This is the funniest part, get ready for this. . .  the elder stands up, looks down and while pointing his finger yells, "THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!" Hahah I couldn't stop laughing. Then I thought immediately about the Ray Lewis quote, like "you can't stop this, The church is true!"  So when I get back I'm going to say this all the time - the church is true. Just leave it at that. 
I had a really good week studying with Johnson this week and on Wednesday, we studied faith. The scripture that I liked the most was Mosiah 4:6-12. Normally we think about this scripture with the atonement, but think about it with faith and it's very cool because it lays out what we need to do to receive salvation.

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