Monday, August 25, 2014

April 7 - 2014 -Happy Birthday to Dad and Conference Report

Happy Birthday, Old Man!!!! You are getting old haha, but I still love you.  I hope you aren't going to work today!  I think you deserve a day off on out on the course!  I forgot to tell you, but in my ward there is an American who plays golf all over the world and I'm hoping he takes me out on the course here so I can say I golfed in Brazil!!  

I really am so proud to be your son, dad.  Out of everyone in the world, it always was you that I wanted to be proud of me.  You have been such a great example to me in all things and in all parts of life.  How you treat Mom and us kids; how you always seem to be calm and aware of what's going on around you.  Thank you for being an amazing example to me.  

Just want to tell you that I love you dad and that you always have been and will always be My Hero.
Love your son
Elder Chase Thurgood

Chase and Elder Johson

I really enjoyed conference. I felt like I missed a lot too, though, because I watched it in Portuguese; so I understand the ideas, but I would read the lips of people to understand. When you read English and hear Portuguese, it just messes with your mind. I really enjoyed the conference talks from the priesthood session, but all of the talks really were amazing. 

I was talking about the essence or how cool conference is with my companion. If you think about it, conference is a true blessing.  General conference guarantees us two things:

1. A prophetic blessing at the end of conference. ( which I thought President Monson's this conference was something special)
2. Apostolic promises - in every talk given by apostles they promise the blessings of the gospel to us if we are only willing to take it and hold on.

 I really enjoyed the talk by Elder Christofferson about the resurrection and what it allows us to do to believe.  I also really enjoyed President Monson's final remarks.  If you think about it, in conference, we are given a prophetic blessing and apostolic promises.  We need to give heed to the words of the prophet when the Ensign and Liahona become available in paper. I hope that you will study them for they are desrving of our study and review. I watched the priesthood session at the same time as you, but it was 9 o'clock at night for us haha. I was dying I was so tired, but I made it.

I also thought that the music was some of the best at conference in a long time.  Maybe it was because it was the only thing that I understood completely haha, but I liked it a lot.

This past Wednesday, I was lifting a stack of chairs of about 8 chairs and a little girl that likes me in the ward came up and gave me a hug while I was carrying them, putting me off balance. The chairs fell, and they fell directly on the arch of my foot.  So now I have a nearly broken foot that is a nasty yellow-blue-purple color now, but I did get lucky and was able to ice it every night.

Well this week was really hectic for me - we weren't able to work very much with all that happened.  I'll tell you all about the big changes that are coming up next transfer for me.
Alright, so this past week in the mission, President Cabral had his normal leadership council with all of the Zone Leaders and the Sister trainers.  In the mission, we have about 150 missionaries and only 12 people are at this council.  This happened on Tuesday.  On Monday, I received a call from President Cabral asking if I would be willing to attend this meeting on Tuesday.  Normally, if you get called to this meeting and you're not a zone leader already, you are going to be one.  So I don't know for sure, but I'm almost positive that I will be called as a zone leader this next transfer!  I don"t know if this is good or bad. haha.  President Cabral and Sister Cabral send a letter to the family when their child gets put in leadership positions, so you guys might receive a letter here soon, but I'm not sure. Don't go saying stuff to everyone before next Monday until I know for sure if I'm going to be a ZL or not, but it's pretty much set in stone.
This is the big change I was talking about. 

3 patties, 2 pieces of chicken, bacon, 2 eggs, ham, sausage, lettuce and tomato = Heaven in a sandwich
Chase and Elder Wiscombe


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