Sunday, August 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 Scripture Study and Investigators

This week was a good. I'm starting to understand how I need to study the scriptures!  If you don't look up all the references and everything it has, you miss out on a lot.  It's more work, but it's worth it in the end.  With my studying I've been really looking into the priesthood and I want to know if we have the Doctrine of Salvation books at home. I asked my mission president questions about the priesthood and he said a lot of the things he learned is in these books and obviously in the scriptures.  
One investigator we have been teaching is Tiago, a referral from a member who is a little Maurice Jones Drew -  just short and stacked.  He's very interested in things about religion. He hasn't been going to his church for about 4 years because of some things that happened. We talked a lot with him about the power and authority of GOD. 
Another one is Cicera who is a mom of a missionary that left about a month ago. She isn't a member, but is more interested now.  
We also have Berto who is very receptive, but it's hard to find him in his house. He works a lot, but I think he still wants to talk.  He is about 25ish and has a really big desire to stop drinking because he lost a friend recently so that's been good.  
We had our ward conference this past week; it was very good.  Our frequency went from 105 which is really low to 215 on our conference day. It was definitely because of the efforts we made as a ward to invite people to come back.  We are having a lunch after our church meetings next week - I'm pretty excited.  
I don't know if you remember how the guy at the missionary mall said that those shoes will last at least a year, but both pairs are taking a beating, so I'll let you know how that goes. I'm looking into the garments today. I honestly am in more need of garments and shirts. I'm starting to lose a little bit of weight, but not much. The peanut butter is good, but honestly this Brazilian food is leaving a mark because peanut butter tasted so weird to me - really strange. Licorice would be cool.
I have some bad news. I banged my toe a couple of weeks ago and have ingrown toe nails. I didn't know what to do and now my toes are filled with puss and it's a pain in the butt.  Also more health issues - the shoulder is back.  A member grabbed my shoulder like a chicken wing and pulled and now today I'm having trouble lifting without the help of my other arm. I'm going to talk to Sister Cabral on Wednesday to schedule an appointment.  Sorry, mom, 6 months was pretty good though for me to not go to the doctor or get injured terribly bad.  I'm wearing insect repellant at night now because of all the bug bites I had on my feet. 54 bites on my two feet in total. Yikes is right. 

 I'll have to share with you my notes on chapters 41 and 42 in Alma.  If we understand the principles and doctrines of these two chapters we will understand why we need to do things on earth.  The parable of the great mediator works very well with these two chapters. Another talk that is super good is Mercy for the Merciful by Dieter F Uchtdorf.

Love you

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