Wednesday, August 27, 2014

April 21, 2014 - New American Companion - Elder Chase

My companion's name tag and my  name tag together. "The name's Thurgood. Elder Chase Thurgood.
I have a new American companion named Elder Chase. Yep, you read it right - Elder Chase.  He is new in the mission and doesn't speak much Portuguese at all.  This transfer probably will be the hardest one yet, my patience will be tried on a whole other level.  I am having to explain everything that is said 5 to 10 times to him, but I told him that eventually we will get there.

It's only in 3 Sundays that I will be able to talk to you guys again which will be great!

I am getting skinnier mostly because everything is going down to my butt. I'm having trouble putting on my pants I've got to do a pants dance to get them up now, haha, but also with my new area I'm probably going to lose a lot of weight.  There are a lot of hills and the members are not super faithful about feeding the missionaries - so pray for them and me haha.

Every week  I look on the Fort Collins Temple website to see if anything has changed on the news, but it sounds like it's not enough to update.
Love you so much

All of these photos are from our adventure to lunch one day before I got transferred.
We have a member who is an American and loves golf haha, but he is super rich - like rich of the rich. He lives on the peninsula of our area.
His house is the white one in the middle over looking the beach.
This is his statue of trophies that he had someone make for him.  He has two walls in his house full of trophies. It is so cool. Dad, this one is for you.

This is the American and his wife. They speak like 3 or 4 languages. Super cool.  He is the number one Senior Amateur golfer in Brazil right now.

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