Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 16, 2014 - Executive Secretary and Mom's Questions Answered

AHHH that's so cool that you guys threw that big activity!  Did the missionaries get success out of that? At least some people to visit?   That's where we get a lot of success here is when the ward throws a party and we just talk to all the members' friends!  

Sorry about your Hamstring. That sure does stink.  How long do you think it will take for you to get back into shape or form to walk as much as you did before?  Its hard to work out now that I'm in the office because we have 11 people living in our house and there are so many suitcases everywhere and with it being a new house there literally is no room for me to jump rope or anything!

The secretary job is a little stressful to be honest.  Especially because President Cabral wants me to learn everything at an accelerated rate so that he can send Elder Debaltzo, who is training me here, to an area!   He said, "Elder, the Lord´s work is hastening and so must you in learning everything."  He wants to send Elder Debaltzo out of here in a week or two in the middle of the transfer so it will be a little crazy!

The change was good in the end.  I'm with my best friends on the mission who are the AP's so its been good to see them all the time, and have them helping me out!

1. Do you still have a companion? 

Yes, but it's not really the same thing.  He almost went home because of stress, but I might have a new comp sometime next week. I'ts been a little crazy with all of this stuff!

2. Will you ever go out and proselyte?
Yes. We are supposed to leave the office at 5, but this week we haven't had much time because of the transfers and preparations for Elder Holland.

3. Will you ever travel with the president? 
Yes, I will travel with the president, but not to places super far If anything, I will be an hour at the most.
4. Where do you live now? 
I live in Gonzaga with 10 other elders.  It is so crazy.  Taking a shower is a fight to the death!!!!!!  But it's cool because we don't have any slackers or fubecas!!

5. What is a typical daily schedule for you? 
I wake up and get ready by 7:15 - 7:30, then I go to the office. 8:00 I study personally. 9:00 I start the work.  I work a lot with the cell phones: how all of the lines are working and who has which phone, if they are using the with the Visas of the foreign missionaries (Americans, h]ispanics) and the transfers.

6. If you work in the mission home, but live in a different place, do you have to pack a lunch or do you go home and eat? 
We usually buy food or the ward that we are in gives us money, but a lot of the time it's just us ordering something to be delivered.
7. What about dinner? Does anyone Feed you? 
Dinner hasn't existed since I entered into the field.  Dinner is a luxury.

8. Did you even get a chance to do any work in your one day area ?
I basically ate lunch at a sister's house, went to the market to buy food and that's when President Cabral called.
9. Did you get my letter yet with the quotes by Elder Holland ?
Yes, I did. I showed everyone in the house. They thought it was pretty cool!
10. Do you have any assignments related to Elder Holland ' s visit?
I am going to be in the choir that we'll have, but other than that I think I will be fine on tasks.

Last rehearsal before Elder Holland comes.

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