Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 3, 2014 - Supporting Riley

I need your help!!  I can't imagine a family member or friend getting cancer while on my mission and fearing that I may never see them or talk to them again.  I wouldn't make it honestly. Thinking that someone I love doesn't want to fight for their lives anymore, and I can't do anything - it's too much.  If you could do me this one little favor, I can't thank you enough!!

I am sending this email today because in the next day or two in the mission we are trying to serve someone in need!

We have a Sister Missionary in our Mission that has a brother who has a rare form of Bone Cancer.  He is going to the exams taking the treatments, but he is getting really disappointed....he said he doesn't want to fight anymore... he said its not worth it anymore and wants to stop with everything!!!  WE CAN'T LET HIM DO THIS!!!

Imagine how this Sister missionary is feeling!!  I literally can't think about the fear of losing a family member while on the misison.  We need to do more for this Family!

We want to help him understand that he can do it!!  That the fight doesn't finish until the end and that he is so much stronger than this discouragement!  What we are doing in the Mission is sending photos of Posters that have inspirational quotes or phrases that will get him excited that he may have the strength to keep GOING!

PLEASE!! Send a photo to me and of all the people that are willing to help!!  It will be super special for him, so the faster you can do this and the more people you talk to the better it will be!

His name is Riley!  He played Football and was a stud all-state center in High school!  His number is 68!!

We know that he can do it with just a little help and with your help it could make all the difference for him!

Send tons of PHOTOS!

What do you think????  If you can send them to me today it will be awesome!!

This is his video:

Send photos with something that's close to the photo that I'll send!!  With different phrases!



Elder Chase Thurgood

Even if its of the kids or the dog we just want to show this family support!  Thank you
Speak No Evil (Elder Parella), Hear No Evil (Chase), See no Evil (Elder Fernandes). We went to the  President's house to get more photos of missionaries for Riley because they were taking so long to send photos so we went to where they had missionaries. haha . We also didn't have lunch and we knew that they would have extras at his house if we went over there.   

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