Monday, September 1, 2014

July 21, 2014 - Ward Strawberry Night

This week was super productive for us as a companionship!  We had 22 lessons in total and the efforts are starting to pay off!  

We have an investigator called Luciana and literally she is so awesome.  We had some super spiritual lessons with her!  I first found her last transfer at the end, but unfortunately as much as the Lords servants work, so does the devil's.  She broke her ankle and had to get surgery so it was really hard to talk with her until last week basically.  We talked about the Book of Mormon with her and about enduring to the end. She said she has time to read now and will read and pray about it.  But the best part was when we invited her to pray at the end of the lesson.  At first, she was embarrassed, but said she would. She thanked God for the opportunity to learn that God sent people to help her during the hardest time of her life and that she feels a peace when we are there with her.  She finished and was crying.  We were smiling because we knew that the spirit was with her.  She is super good.  

I also taught a guy this week named Beto who is very smart as a teacher of math and history. Basically he told us his story how he already knows about the Mormons, but that we came at the right time to talk with him because he wants to know more.  He told us at the end, convert me because I want to believe, but you guys will need to show me why the Sabbath isn't Saturday because that's what I believe and a little bit more stuff.  He liked challenged us and we were just like, we accept hahah.

I taught the Gospel Principles class yesterday about service.  I think it was the best class that I have ever given.  It was really cool.  I talked about how we can serve, who we serve, why we serve, and then at the end, I asked what talent each person has.  They all said something then I shared the parable about talents and doubling them and using your talents.  I challenged the class to use what God has given us to serve others. It was good.
We had a really good week with activities, too. We are trying to over plan rather than under plan things.  We had the Night of the Strawberry and then also a Ward FHE.  For the Strawberry night, we got cool whip and I broke out a cool whip fight hahahaha. It was fun, but at the end, I think the whole branch teamed up against me haha. I got hit like 20 times at least, but I was laughing the whole time so they didn't think it was as good to get me hhahah.

I sent a letter last week. I don't know when it will get there, but it's already been a week now that it was sent.
Elder Winstanley and I created the Brazilian hashbrown last night for dinner.  We are going to make them now haha. It's basically the same, but we make it with rice and a batter. It's actually pretty good.

Dad, I have been wanting to make Miners' Breakfast, but can you give me like a recipe or some hints to make it? I'm with an American and I'm trying to use my time while i can hahahah.
I'm sure I would have already hid that trumpet from Spencer hahah, but then he would start crying and then either one of you would look at me like, really.....go get it. hahah Oh, good times.

That's pretty funny with Sam and the Mormon Book hahah, but I mean, really, who can deny a thurgood boy smile? hahahahahah

I've been in Registro now since the beginning of April. So 3 and a half months now. The members joke, but they tell me to just stay here the rest of my mission. hahah I laugh, but yeah, it's starting to get old after a while.

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