Tuesday, September 2, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Package Received

First of all, I got my package!!  Winstanley liked his tie and I'm wearing mine right now.  I'm going to where the blue one when Elder Holland comes to Santos.  Especially because of the pocet square!  I opened the package and President and Sister Cabral were there in the Office and they were just like laughing and taking pictures because I was smiling. 

Tha'ts cool about your studies in first and second Kings. I  have been trying to know more about the bible when I'm teaching;  Elder  Winstanley has been helping out a lot with this.  I have got a lot out of Romans which has been cool.    

I think it would be cool if you sent the pants .  I am pretty excited about the new scriptures. I just want to figure out how I want to mark them so it stays the same the whole time and doesn't change hahah.  I am in Mosiah 20 for my Book of Mormon studies. I need to read more or less 18 pages per day to finish by the date that Elder Holland comes.  

If I was home, I'm pretty sure I would be obsessed too, with The Hobbit trailer.  I hate seeing the billboard of the second one on the streets. I just want to watch it so bad.  

We had a pretty crazy experience this week. Elder Winstanley and me got locked out of our house because some elders took our keys by accident. We had to climb the apartment building 30 feet to get into our house. Winstanley went up and I filmed the whole thing. It was pretty crazy. For a second, he was dangling 30 feet up holding on to the ledge! hahaha  We were pretty crazy!  I was laughing, too because there were people on the street watching us like, Americans are literally so weird.  I just said, hi, how are you doing, they just gave us awkward smiles and kept walking.  

I've always wondered why you guys never Skyped or face timed with McKaylee before!  

I am going to have an interview with President today - the first one in almost 8 months.  I think I was the last missionary now to get interviewed.

 I hope Spencer keeps going with track. It's probably something that he could do well in.  I read one of your letters - haven't read all of them yet.


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