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July 7, 2014 - Wedding and Baptism Planning

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This week was pretty hectic for sure. We had a wedding and two baptisms in our area; one was ours and the other was the sisters', but I baptized for them. It was really cool!
Me with the Bride and Groom.
The wedding was absolutely crazy.  It was on Saturday.  The bride didn't show up until 7:30.  The wedding started at 6.....yeah and I was basically the wedding planner!  Everyone was asking me where she was at. I said that she's probably taking a shower hahah, which was a joke until the groom told me that she really was hah.  The wedding went super well when she finally got there. We put pink table cloths and got rose petals and spread them out on the tables and where she was going to be walking. She liked it a lot so I was happy.

The problem was there was a miscommunication and I thought they were bringing things to decorate....they weren't. I had to run to the store and buy everything and come up with the
Wedding Decorations.
idea on the spot. hahah Nearly died!  We were there until 9:30 with the wedding, but then we had a surprise baptism where we interviewed a teenager on Saturday and he asked if he could be baptized today. We called President and he said, "Elder, do you really need to ask me that?" I told him I get what you're saying and we baptized him when everyone was a little calmer during the wedding.  So we had a baptism during the wedding where I baptized the kid hahah. These things only happen in Brazil, literally.
Baptizing the Sisters' investigator.
Then Sunday, we baptized the bride from Saturday which was crazy, too because the elder that she wanted to baptize her showed up late, like an hour late, so we had to wait.  She is  7 months pregnant, but has a belly for 9 months and so finding baptismal clothing for her when she is short was difficult. So me and Winstanley hemmed up one we thought would work.

We also had a meeting in Santos. It was really fun. Winstanley and I have the exact same suit and tie from Mr Mac so we decided we would wear the same thing haha. We matched - same area comps, same state hahah. It was funny!
I'm doing good. It's weird to always be happy and not have to worry about your comp doing something dumb!

Love you,


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