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June 16, 2014 - World Cup and Obedience

Did you see that mom i put you in front hahah I love you Both!
Happy late fathers Day!! I Love you so much!

I'm doing  pretty good. It's nuts how it will be 9 months this week!  Time goes by pretty fast to say the least!  The world cup is crazy. We can't watch any of the games, the Lord is testing us haha. The First Presidency said that we aren't allowed to, so we don't.  

Brazil is a nut case when it comes to their soccer.  We have to stay in our house on the Brazilian game days because of safety issues and what the apostles ordered, but when Brazil scores, we always know because basically the entire town goes nuts and you can hear screams for like 5 minutes after every goal.  It's been good too, because we get to relax a little bit and study a little more!  I have been addicted to the Netherlands team. That's who I want to win, either them Brazil or Germany.  The United States has the hardest group in the cup, so I don't think they will pass the first round.  All the members were ticked that Marcelo had the own goal; they don't want him to play tomorrow hahah.  

I'm glad Utah went good for the week with McKaylee.  This will be great for her to rely on the Lord.  She didn't stop talking about the laptop she got haha. She was pretty excited.
In the "jungle" part of our area, hahahaha.

The week is going good. We stopped teaching a lot of people because they just give a lot of excuses for not coming to church.   They understand and keep all the commandments, but they just don't want to go to church, so we basically said to them, "We can't lose our time teaching you if you don't want to come to church. You are always welcome, you know where its at, if you need anything, call thanks." TCHAU! hah I think I said some form of this for 4 different families which was hard because now we have to start over finding new families and people.
Spencer sounds like he is liking the track. I'm super proud of Tate and all that she is doing. She is going to love cross country - they always had the best friendships in school.

My Mission President is really trying to teach obedience to our mission and he gave us some cool quotes that go like this:

First I obey, then I understand.  We have to first obey the Lords commandments to understand the blessings that come after it.
As individuals we are strong, together with God, we are invincible.  We have to understand that God wants to help us and with him it literally is impossible to fail. Just like in the quote by Pres Uchtdorf, there is no chance to fail when we are on the Lord's side.

Elder Veiga is difficult and sometimes I don't know how I've dealt with it. I don't even know - lots of prayers and a lot of love.

How is working out in the morning coming along?  I have been making an effort to work out in the morning i have lost a little weight but not much.

No, I just buy the toothpaste and deodorant here; it's a lot easier, but something that would be cool for you to send to me would be 2 paisley ties?!  

The weather here is nice. If it gets to 60, everyone here has winter jackets and sweats on while the Americans still have their short sleeve shirts on haha, but I think I will need to buy a sweater.

I'm hoping to get transferred in July, but it's what the Lord wants and nothing more.

I've been listening a lot to the Nashville tribute band that sings songs about the church, missions and Joseph Smith. It's super good and it's the closest thing I can get to country on the mission! haha

Love Chase

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