Monday, September 1, 2014

June 23, 2014 - New Study Notebook during the World Cup

I am trying do better about doing my studies for Sister Cabral and so I bought a new notebook. When I first saw it, I immediately thought about you and Coulson.  It came with stickers, so I put them on the back of my name tag.  

This is my study of the desires of our hearts that I finished this past week.  

That's pretty cool with Tate getting some new shoes for running.  I will have a running buddy when I get back so I can lose all this rice and beans weight hahah.  

I have heard about this stuff (ordain women) and its freaking ridiculous, but what I have learned on the mission that when someone says or does stuff like this that is wrong, it's because they don't understand the doctrine.  They haven't done the research or put in the time to understand why. Have they asked God if this is right?  If they would, they would know in the exact same way that they joined the church, through the holy ghost that it is wrong.  Sorry got on a rant right there haha,  

It's going to be so cool to see Jarek passing the sacrament. He's getting so old!    

My new sweater I bought for $12.
I sill laugh out loud with some of the stuff that you say. Just reminds me how good it is to be home with the family.   The Brazil game is today so our P-day is cut short, so I need to go soon, but I love you and thank you for getting those scriptures for me.  I will put them to good use!

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