Monday, September 1, 2014

July 14, 2014 - Do You Know God Blesses the Righteous?

Well, I will just start with the big news in our mission.  We are going to receive an Apostle on August 19th.  Yeah, we are pretty pumped.  I know how you like lists so I made one for ya:

1. helped lead decorations for our mission conference
2. pulled my first all-nighter doing the decorations
3. walked the Brazilian streets at 2:30  in the morning
4. had a hard time not falling asleep during the conference
5. was nearly assaulted because I was "German". Yeah it's the blonde hair, blue eyes and I'm a giant here in Brazil - like a foot taller then everyone else.
6. found out that our mission will receive an Apostle of the Lord on August 19th
7. bought a guitar to learn how to play; it's hard, but I like it a lot
8. gave a training about family history and missionary work
9. was challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days...
10. I accepted.
Well, this was my week; it was pretty crazy. I have never been so tired because of sleep in my life haha, but it was worth it to always have those memories!

I'm glad your dreams are coming true!  The new calling should be good for you  because you're organized and can help the ward and then do my blog! hahahha

That's good that dad is still going with his walking. Winstanley and me are trying to jump rope for 30 minutes every day.

McKaylee told me about her Big Lots job - they call her the machine.   Remember the Ray Lewis can't stop this. I'm a machine, jerk! hahahahahahhahahahah

What we do to help the members with missionary work is get them excited about bringing a less active member to church.  We ask them who is missing that you have good memories with and ask them if  think they should be here. Then we try to set appointments with them and the less actives to get them to come back to church. Then  through the less actives, we find non members where we have members there with the family already.

Thank you, Mom

Love you mom

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