Monday, September 1, 2014

July 1, 2014 - New Companion - Elder Winstanley

please send this to the family because I don't have much time.

I'm doing well. It was super crazy yesterday with transfers that I didn't have the opportunity to email so here I am now!  I stayed in my area which I'm pretty excited about and I got a new companion.  Elder Winstanley from Grand Junction Colorado!!!! He is super cool and an amazing missionary.  He is going to be teaching me a lot more than I teach him which honestly is what I want.  I'll be training him how to be a Zone leader and things, but it will be freaking awesome.  I've never been so excited to work. He just has a spirit about him that I just feel so much more of the Spirit already in the 12 hours that I have been with him!  He's a stud.  We are going to have a baptism this week already with Carla and Rodrigo!! They are going to get married on Saturday and baptized on Sunday. It's going to be really cool! 
Unfortunately I can't tell you the Crocodile Dundee story because I want you to see the photos at the same time and I don't have my camera, so I'm going to wait until next week!  We did go fishing yesterday and ate the fish heads - it was nuts!!!!

I really liked this quote that you shared, because its so true:
It is my judgment that there are many members of this Church who have been baptized for the remission of their sins, and who have had hands laid upon their heads for the gift of the Holy Ghost, but who have never received that gift—that is, the manifestations of it. Why? Because they have never put themselves in order to receive these manifestations. They have never humbled themselves. They have never taken the steps that would prepare them for the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, they go through life without that knowledge; they are lacking in understanding. When those who are cunning and crafty in their deceit come to them criticizing the authorities of the Church and the doctrines of the Church, these weak members do not have understanding enough, information enough, and enough of the guidance of the Spirit of the Lord to resist false doctrines and teachings. They listen and think that perhaps they have made a mistake, and the first thing you know they find their way out of the Church, because they do not have understanding.
God gives us so many gifts and powers of the Spirit and we don't even know it.

Good for Dad and his miles. That's going to be awesome for him.  Elder Winstanley is a stud about working out at night jump roping for an hour, so I'm going to do it with him.  I'm nervous, but excited.

I read your email about Tate and Spencer hahah. Yeah those are your kids hahah. Don't have anyone better!

Until now I don't have anything for you to send. Thanks so much for sending the scriptures! When you send it, can you send me an email of how long it will take so I can take a guess or know when I need to talk to people to bring it?

I can't tell how happy I am to work with Elder Winstanley.  It really was an answer to my prayers.


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